Ano te kiri, me te anuhe tawatawa nga mahi a te kauri.

Look at the skin, the abundance of tattooing is like the markings on the skin of a mackerel!


te toroa a tai

An exploration into the customary practice of using uhi to tap ink into the skin is one that Julie is increasingly exploring as well as the handpoke technique.


Moko puhoro a wahine

This tradition belongs to wahine Maori as well as tane. Julie is a proponent of this form of ta moko for men and women.


Moko kauae

Moko kauae is currently enjoying a renaissance although in some Maori communities there is still hesitation to adopt such visible form of moko. My hope is that we overcome the hurdles that prevent us taking up this taonga.


He kakahu a wahine

A contemporary placement of a kakahu which protects the recipient in many ways that a customary kakahu would, with the mantle of her tupuna.