To mata i haea ki te toroa-a-tai

Your face scored with the tattooer’s chisel (made of the albatross)

Extract from waiata-tangi, composed and chanted by chief Hori Tupaea (Ngai-Te-Rangi chief), of Tauranga, for his younger brother Hikareia, who was killed in battle by the Arawa in 1836 at the fall of Te Tumu Pa, on the coast between Tauranga and Maketu.

“Moko to me is a process of connecting each of us through its practice, to the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, so that their mana and mauri may become centred within our personal spiritual self”

Ta Moko Sessions: Julie Paama-Pengelly

Ta moko artist Julie Paama-Pengelly talks about the challenges she's faced in a male-dominated industry and why she doesn't believe in the introduction of the term kirituhi to describe versions of ta moko.

Listen to her Interview for Te Ahi Kaa.

Introducing Ta moko artist Julie Paama-Pengelly and the talented team of Tattoo & Art Specialists at Art + Body Mt Maunganui.   

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Artpix 3 - Texas 2001

Julie Paama-Pengelly’s Ta Moko is NOT Tattoo examines traditional ta Moko in contemporary times and how it is perceived by Maori and non-Maori.

The artists are Rangi Kipa, Jacqueline Fraser, Lyonel Grant, Shane Cotton, Ngahiraka Mason, Saffronn Te Ratana and Lisa Reihana.


Julies work is featured in Taiawhio II published by Te Papa Press 2007